School Flooring in the Philippines

School Flooring in the Philippines applied with Self-Leveling Epoxy

What to look for in a School Flooring especially in the Philippines. The main requirement for this is an abrasion resistant floor that can withstand heavy foot traffic day in day out. You would need a material which is stain resistant for those art projects. A floor which requires less maintenance, you can’t clean in between classes. You need some versatility and some style. A floor which can pique the interest of the students. You can also choose a bold colors and designs that can spark creativity with your students.

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Case Study

Products Used : Self Leveling Epoxy by Majestic Chemicals

Surface Condition

This School Flooring in the Philippines started as a bare concrete which was poured very well by the contractor (DMCI)

Surface Preparation

We prepared the surface using a Planetary Floor Grinder with a diamond grinding attachment to open the concrete pores to ensure maximum bond strength of the primer. All this grinding was done with our Industrial Vacuum to prevent dust.

Primer and Repair

We applied Majestic Epoxy Primer to the entire area, after curing we then used Majestic Epoxy Putty to fill in the small craters and light cracks to ensure a smooth finish free from cracks and divots.


We then applied a 2mm thick Majestic Self-Leveling Topcoat that can easily handle the light – heavy traffic day in day out. The coating is very hygienic and has superb gloss the fits well with the facility.

Construction Joints

After curing the designer urged that we grind construction joints which was roughly 2m x 2m.


This was a successful School Flooring in the Philippines that required coordination with the Project Manager as well as other contractors as there were many installations and works going on at the same time.

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