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Premium Deep Pour Epoxy

Deep pour epoxy resin, also called deep cast epoxy resin, is a type of resin that is often used in construction and manufacturing applications. It is designed to flow into large cavities and fill them evenly. This makes deep pour epoxy resin an essential tool in the manufacturing of complex composite parts.

Features of Deep Casting Epoxy

Deep cast epoxy resin is a specialized type of epoxy resin that is designed for thick casting applications. It is highly viscous, making it less likely to run or sag during the curing process. It also has a long pot life allowing it to be mixed and poured over a prolonged period of time. Deep pour epoxy cures at a slower rate than standard epoxy resins, giving it extra time to reach full cure depth. This makes liquid crystal epoxy an excellent choice for thick casting applications where a high level of detail and accuracy is required.


Deep casting epoxy is typically used for projects that require a protective coating that is both hard-wearing and moisture resistant. Some of the most common applications for deep-pour epoxy include coating concrete floors, filling in cracks or holes in concrete, and creating countertops and tabletops. Liquid crystal epoxy can also be used in artistic scenarios, such as in jewelry making or in art pieces.

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