Wood and Hardiflex Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring

Wood and Hardiflex Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring

Surface Condition

The area was perfectly prepped by our team. It consisted of wood and fiber cement boards.  The floor had joints between fiber cement boards.  The owner was consistently having water leaks.

Surface Preparation

The surface preparation team first needed to remove the rubber filling in between the fiber cement boards. The area was then prepared using hand grinders with a planing attachment. All this grinding must have minimal dust so there is a vacuum attachment with all the machines used.

Primer and Repair

Epoxy Mortar was then used to fill in the deep fiber cement joints. It was then applied with Majestic Epoxy Putty to even out the areas in preparation for the Topcoat. Then Majestic Epoxy Primer was applied in the area. Then another application of Majestic Epoxy Putty was applied to the entire area. The team had full communication with the owner in every step.


The application of Majestic Self-Leveling Topcoat to the flooring was applied per room. This was done to ensure a seamless finish in every room.


The project Wood and Hardiflex Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring took 1 week before turnover. The coordination of our team and the owner made this project successful. Planning and execution are the key to every project.