Outdoor Floor Coating

Outdoor Floor Coating with UV Resistant Finish


Surface Condition

This Outdoor Floor Coating was rough and unfinished with cracks in the concrete.  It also has an existing coating which has to be removed.

Surface Preparation

We prepared the surface using planetary grinders with PCD attachment to remove the existing coating.  We then changed the attachment to a 30 grit diamond grinding disc to achieve a smoother finish.

Primer and Fiber Reinforcement

We applied Majestic Epoxy Primer to the entire area, after curing we then applied Epoxy Putty to even out the area and cover hairline cracks.

Majestic Self Leveling Epoxy Midcoat

We apply the self leveling midcoat to serve as the body of the entire coating..

UV Resistant Topcoat

The area was then applied with a UV Resistant Anti-Skid Topcoat with Multiple Colors as per design of the Engineer.


This was overall a quick Outdoor Floor Coating that only took five days.  This project is both aesthetically pleasing and functional thanks to the men and women who made this project a huge success.