Lobby Flooring Philippines

Elegant Lobby Floor

Lobby Flooring Philippines

Surface Condition

This Lobby Flooring Philippines concrete finish was ready for a tiled floor. Heavy grinding was needed to prepare the floor for the coating.

Surface Preparation

The surface preparation team first needed to flatten the pre-tiled finish. Three(3) grindings was needed for this project. In every successful coating project surface preparation is key.

Primer and Repair

Majestic Epoxy Primer was applied on the entire area. We discovered the concrete was very porous. The concrete absorbed a lot of primer and there were spots that still needed to be primed. We then applied another layer of Majestic Epoxy Primer. After inspection the floor was now applied with Majestic Epoxy Putty.


Then we applied Majestic Self-Leveling Topcoat using a notched squeegee then back rolled with a lint free roller.


This was a nice quick Lobby Flooring Philippines which was finished within 3 days. An extra day was needed for additional grinding and for the application of another layer of Primer.